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Better hearing in 6 easy steps

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Step 1 | Order online

Order your Lexie Lumen hearing aids online for only $49 per month (over 24 months). No contracts, cancel anytime.

Free delivery, free returns.

Step 2 | Get started from home

Unbox your hearing aids and accessories at home and download the Lexie App. With step-by-step guidance, you’ll be set up in no time.

The Lexie Lumen packaging and everything that fits inside it. One box, Lexie Lumen hearing aids, one black soft-touch carry case, one ear measuring tool, slim tubes in various sizes, drying capsules, one cleaning brush, one cleaning wire, one user manual, and two packs of hearing aid batteries.
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Step 3 | Personalize your hearing aids

Take the validated hearing check in the Lexie App and customize your hearing aids to your hearing profile.

Step 4 | Optimize your hearing aids

Speak to our hearing experts by video, voice call, or chat to optimize and fine-tune your hearing aids and enhance your listening experience.

A woman sits on the couch with her back to the camera. In her hand is a mobile phone and she’s on a video call with a Lexie hearing expert.
Two packets of Lexie hearing aid batteries,  two drying capsules, slim tubes and a variety of domes.

Step 5 | Maintain your hearing aids, hassle-free

You can choose to opt-in and get a Care Kit delivered to you on a regular basis. It includes all the accessories your hearing aids need; batteries, domes, tubes, and drying capsules.

Step 6 | Save money by wearing your hearing aids

Earn points to reduce your monthly payment by up to 5% or redeem points in the Lexie store with the free Lexie Rewards program. You can earn points when you wear your hearing aids, perform everyday tasks, and give us feedback.

A mobile phone with the Lexie Rewards program on the screen.
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Lexie Hearing is proudly accredited by the

Better Business Bureau of Chicago & Northern Illinois since 2020.

All the hearing aid features you need at a price you can afford.

Directed hearing

Directional microphones to amplify the sounds you want to hear, and the other to cancel out the sounds you don’t want to hear.

Noise reduction

The best adaptive noise reduction in its class.

Sweat proof technology

Nano coating technology that matches your active lifestyle and extends the life span of your devices.

Hearing environments

6 hearing environment settings so that you can set your hearing aid to match your environment.

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Bluetooth hearing aids.

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App controlled.

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Accessories included.


of our customers felt comfortable with using the Lexie App in less than 1 week.

Google 4.9 stars rating

4.9-star Customer Reviews


of our customers were comfortable wearing the Lexie hearing aid within the first week of use.

Our customers say that their Lexie hearing aids aren’t noticeable to other people.

Our customers say that their Lexie hearing aids aren’t noticeable to other people.

Hearing experts that guide you through your journey to better hearing.

4 female Lexie hearing experts look at the camera and smile

Your personal hearing expert in the comfort of your home

Unbox your Lexie Lumen hearing aids and accessories at home and download the Lexie App. With step-by-step guidance, you’ll be set up in no time, and if you need help, our hearing experts are available by video call, phone call, or chat.

Remote adjustments to your hearing aids

If you need additional support, our hearing experts are able to make remote adjustments to your hearing aids when necessary.

A woman holds a mobile phone in her hands with the Lexie App on the screen. A white coffee cup is visible in the background.

Schedule a free one-on-one consultation
 with a Lexie hearing expert below.

Do you want to know if Lexie hearing aids are right for you? Our team of hearing experts is here to help.

Google 5 star rating

Regina F.

“Wonderful hearing aids, great customer support! I put off getting hearing aids for years due to the high cost of going through a doctor to get them. I tried a lot of the 'amplifier aids' on the market, but they just didn’t work for my hearing loss. These are real hearing aids that are customized to your hearing loss. With these, you get a true, natural hearing. Very helpful and caring customer support as well. I am so glad I decided to try these!”

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