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The Lexie Hearing Offering | What Makes Us Different

November 12, 2021

Traditionally, hearing aids have typically been sold at expensive prices. The current average price for a pair of hearing aids in the USA, when fitted by a hearing healthcare practitioner, is around  $4,400. This is out of reach for most consumers, even for many with health insurance, as most health insurances only cover a limited portion of the cost or nothing at all. The hearing aid industry has justified this cost with advanced technologies built into the hearing aids.

Lexie Hearing aims to provide an entirely new way of providing quality hearing health. 

Lexie is intended for Americans who: 

1) presents with a mild to moderate hearing loss;

2) may not be able or willing to attend an audiology clinic or 2) may not be unable to afford traditional hearing aid options.

Lexie has focused its development on a person-centered solution that keeps the clients’ needs and best interests at heart. 

Lexie Hearing offers

  • Personalized, person-centered hearing services in the comfort of your own home.
  • Affordable,  high-quality hearing aids with smart, cutting-edge software technology.
  • Hearing aids with a slim, sleek design and adjustable customizable slim tube fittings to fit most ears.
  • Lexie hearing aids cost up to 80% less than traditional hearing aids.
  • A subscription payment plan that allows you to pay for your hearing aid over 24months.
  • Hearing aid accessories like batteries, tubes, and domes, delivered straight to your door.
  • Up to 6 different listening programs to offer comfort and clarity in a variety of listening situations.
  • The Lexie App which offers easy hearing aid set-up, hearing checks, and adjustments to the hearing aids.
  • Extensive remote support and convenient access to hearing care via a call center with hearing experts.
  • A 45-day risk-free trial.
  • Lexie Rewards: an interactive personalized support program that helps  Lexie hearing aid users achieve greater hearing aid success while earning discounts. 
  • Cashback to Lexie Rewards users for wearing their hearing aids and reaching unique personalized goals.
  • Unlimited access to a Hearing Library, written by qualified and experienced hearing experts. 

The Lexie online hearing test

The Lexie online hearing test check is a hearing screening that can be taken for free on the Lexie Hearing website here, using any set of headphones or earphones that the client has at home. Extensive research has validated the technology used in the Lexie online hearing check, with results published in multiple scientific peer-reviewed journals. The accuracy of this hearing check exceeds 90%. Extensive research has validated the technology used in the Lexie hearing test, with results published in multiple scientific peer-reviewed journals. 

The check uses random numbers presented in pairs of 3 with noise in the background (digits-in-noise). Based on the clients’ responses, the noise may become louder or softer during the test to determine their unique ability to understand speech in background noise. This helps Lexie determine whether clients have difficulty hearing and this can help allow our Lexie  Experts to give the best possible advice and support.

The Lexie App

The Lexie platform is built around the interactive Lexie App.  Lexie hearing aids work hand in hand with the Lexie App and it offers our clients the best hearing aid experience and support possible. The app is downloaded onto a smartphone and takes the client through an onboarding journey. The Lexie App is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

The Lexie App is used to set up the hearing aids, as well as to make volume and program adjustments.  It allows the client to accept adjustments made by our hearing experts and gives access to remote video support with our hearing experts.  Lexie rewards are also managed through the app.

The Lexie Lumen hearing aid

The Lexie Lumen hearing aid was developed with American-made technology.  The hearing aid is fitted with a slim tube measured by the wearer with an ear measuring tool. 

The Lexie Lumen offers the following features:

  •  Bluetooth connectivity to the Lexie App 
  • A built-in hearing check as part of the Lexie App
  • Up to 6 different listening programs
  • The ability to adjust the volume and programs via the hearing aid or the Lexie App
  • Telecoil and companion microphone connectivity
  • Noise reduction
  • Feedback management
  • Adaptive and fixed directionality
  •  Wind noise management
  • 16 Bands and compression channels of optimal clarity and comfort
  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression
  • Maximum power output limiting

Please note: Bluetooth connectivity in the Lexie Lumen does not offer streaming capabilities.

Hearing aid fitting the Lexie way

The Lexie App is required to fit the Lexie Lumen hearing aid. A hearing check is performed during the onboarding process of the hearing aid. The hearing aid is programmed to the results of this hearing check. 

Lexie understands that our clients require hearing aids that maximize the ease of understanding speech whilst making louder sound comfortable to listen to.  That is why the aim of the Lexie autofit is to offer comfort and clarity. A well-researched hearing aid fitting algorithm underpins the Lexie autofit. This same algorithm allows for our hearing experts to optimally support our clients, and when needed make accurate adjustments to accommodate our clients’ needs.

The listening programs/environments

A autofit will pre-set 6 different listening programs for the client. These programs allow the client to adjust the comfort and clarity of the hearing aid in a variety of changing listening environments.  This offers the client more choice and it leads to increased hearing aid acceptance as the hearing aids can better match needs.  Specific features and settings have been pre-selected to offer the clients the best possible experience.

  •       Program 1 – Everyday: Suitable for most listening situations. 
  •       Program 2 – Indoor Noisy: Suitable for most noisy environments. 
  •       Program 3 – Outdoor: Suitable for traffic or situations where the wearer needs to be aware of some background sounds for safety but filters out unnecessary noise.
  •       Program 4 – Music: Suitable for listening to music in situations where there is not too much background noise. 
  •       Program 5 -Telecoil: Used with telephones and in churches, theatres, or various buildings that have an induction loop system.
  •       Program 6 – Companion microphone: The companion microphone is a small and flexible wireless accessory that is designed to work together with the Lexie Lumen hearing aid. This is a device that must be purchased separately.

Lexie Rewards

Lexie Rewards helps the client through the hearing aid adjustment process and provides them with tailor-made support for their specific needs. The purpose of the program is to drive behavioral change and adherence in hearing and health care. Personalized wearing goals and interactive activities that focus on various hearing aid and hearing health-related topics aim to help our clients adjust to their hearing aids much more easily and efficiently. It offers the essential information to become an effective and skilled hearing aid user.  

 The Lexie Hearing Library

There’s a wealth of information in our Hearing Library. General and Lexie-specific articles relating to hearing and hearing aids are posted on our website. These articles are written by qualified and experienced hearing experts with a wealth of knowledge. It’s dedicated to keeping clients informed so that they can make the best decision for their hearing health. 

Take control of your hearing health with Lexie today! Visit the Lexie Hearing website to find out how these hearing aids can change your life.

Image of post writer Marcellé Swanepoel.

Written by Marcellé Swanepoel

B. Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology


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